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  1. Jim and Lorry Parks says:

    I just want to thank your wonderful staff for their help last night. Our almost 13 year old golden retriver, Sadie, died at home last night. We originally called your office to see if we could bring her in as she was breathing shallow and we did not think she was doing well. We wanted to do what we could to help her. With our vet office being closed, we called your facility. Alex was very helpful and compasionate on the phone as well as when we finally brought her in, as she had passed. He could not have been more kind. The girls who we met around back, sorry I did not get their names, were also very sweet and compasionate. I told everyone at work how great they were to us and told us how sorry they were. We were very much at peace leaving Sadie with them as we knew that she would be taken care of. You truly have a great and caring staff and we just wanted to let you know that.

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