Emergency / Critical Care

At AECNE, our after hours animal emergency team is staffed by professional veterinarians ready to provide emergency treatment to pets in Lake County and Northeastern Ohio.

We all love our pets and never want them to face trauma or hardship. Unfortunately, a pet emergency can happen without notice. When emergencies occur, we need to act quickly and do our best to get through them.

Should your beloved pet experience a veterinary emergency, we are available each night and every weekend to provide immediate emergency care.

To allow us to prepare for your arrival, please call us ahead of you and your pet’s arrival so that we can be as prepared as possible to provide treatment.

What to Expect:

Upon entering the emergency center, you and your pet will be greeted by one of our veterinary assistants. Our assistants will let the medical staff know that you are here and if your pet requires immediate assessment, we will provide immediate attention.

When your pet is brought into our treatment area, we will obtain vitals (temperature, weight, heart rate, ect.) and a veterinarian will carefully evaluate your pet.¬† Once the veterinarian’s evaluation of your pet is complete, if we discover that your pet’s condition is more critical, your pet will be will remain in the treatment area for observation.

However, if your pet’s situation is not found to be critical, the veterinarian will discuss the best treatment and care plan with you.

Sometimes, your primary care veterinarian will transfer your sick pet over to our clinic for overnight or continuing care. We will work closely with them to ensure the best possible care for your pet. Animal Emergency Clinic NE will routinely send information about your pet’s condition¬† to your primary care veterinarian.

If your pet requires hospitalization with us, he or she will receive constant monitoring from our medical staff.

Feel free to give us a call periodically to inquire about your pet’s status or to talk to a staff member about coming in to visit your pet. We understand just how stressful a pet emergency situation can be and we are more than happy to update you on how your pet is doing.

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