After Hours Animal Emergency Care in Mentor, Ohio

Since 1978, Animal Emergency Clinic Northeast has been providing exceptional after-hours veterinary emergency care to the pets throughout Mentor and Northeast Ohio.

At Animal Emergency Clinic NE, our team consists of qualified veterinarians and highly devoted professionals who have the knowledge and experience needed to care for all of our animal patients and their individual needs.

We are a premiAECNE Pet Emergencyere animal emergency center and we have the experience and resources to treat a pet emergency of most any kind.

Many veterinarians in the Northeastern Ohio area refer their patients to us to for after-hour treatment and critical care.

Please bring your pet to Animal Emergency Clinic Northeast if you notice any of the following pet emergency symptoms:

  • Gasping for breath, trouble breathing, noisy breathing, tongue turning blue
  • Vomiting, bloated and painful abdomen
  • Difficulty defecating or urinating
  • Heatstroke
  • Severe or continuous pain
  • Broken bones, shock, trauma, injury, cuts, vehicular accidents
  • Seizure, signs of weakness, loss of balance, collapse, sudden mood changes
  • Consumption of any poison, toxin (see right column), or plant (Bring the container if possible)
  • Diarrhea or vomiting

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